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Catering to Hungry Girls - Page 522 - Annie wakes up! - By P3r3grine - Overview
"Oh!" Annie wakes up with a start, shocked by a sharp jab in her gut. She looked down to try to find out what had caused such discomfort. "Oh...~" Her voice took on a completely different tone upon inspecting her body. Her stomach had rounded out - so she had succeeded in digesting your body after all. The jab she felt was a result of her stomach contracting around one of the bones she was unable to break down. These gathered in the pit of her stomach, swimming in a slop that used to make up your body.

"Was I too much for my big brother?" Annie taunted, feigning concern. "Well I guess it's too late now! Now you're aaaaaall mine.~" Annie rubbed her belly a bit as it gurgled, processing your remains. She stands up from her bed and stretches out, raising her arms far above her head and extending her legs, pushing herself up on her toes as her middle stretches out, sloshing your soupy mixture around inside and forcing the ends of your remaining bones into her intestinal tract.

With a heavy sigh, Annie gets ready for bed and lays down again, laying on her belly to help push you along. Before long, your pulpy remains are reduced to waste as she sleeps through the night. Slowly, her tight, compressive intestines put pounds upon pounds of strain on your bones, breaking them into smaller pieces. As the fleshy walls hug against them, you're squeezed along. During one particularly strong pulse in her guts, your skull fractures and shatters, now nothing but fragments of broken bone.

The following morning, Annie wakes up full of energy for the first time in a while. That must be because of Luke. She looks herself over, finding her chest has grown and her waist has widened. That must be because of Luke, too. She giggled to herself as she sprang out of bed, practically skipping to the bathroom, fully naked in spite of the fact that your mom was home. She sat down on the toilet, groping at one of her now C-sized boobs as she did. Tensing her stomach, she could feel you rounding the corner of her large intestine, ready to breach the open air again after being lodged in her swelteringly hot, sticky guts all night.

Annie passed gas for a few moments, and then your began to crown her asshole - a long, wide, light-brown chunk of waste speckled with white acid-bleached shards of bone. She grunted lightly as you started to slide out of her. As the inside of her ass massaged you on your way out, hunk of your would-be body dropped out of her and fell into the toilet with a splash. Log after log fell, and before long she was squeezing out the last of you. Lodged pieces of bone caused you to slowly spin on your way out as Annie ran out of effort.

"Mmmngh... Forever... my little... shit...!" With this affirmation came your complete voiding from your younger sister's digestive system; She turned now to see you, a steaming pile of bone-flecked poop in the family bathroom. She giggled to herself again before flushing.

"Well Luke, I'm sure you know how much I liked having you inside me." She said, admiring her chest again. "Glad we could make it a permanent thing.~" Without another word, she left the bathroom, getting ready for school.


"Noooo, it must've just been a weird day!" Annie reassured her friends at school. "Look, I got him this time! Luke digested this time." She pointed out her enhanced figure, which was on full display in her new outfit.

"Well we can tell your curves are definitely bigger..." Susan admitted. "...But why didn't you let me try first...?"

Annie just shrugged off any questions; after all, SHE was the one who was MEANT to digest you. No matter what, she was at least happy Luke was part of her instead of some bitch's body where she'd never be able to touch you again.

She squeezed her breast gently, reminding herself of where you were. "...Little shit..." She smiled to herself.
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