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Catering to Hungry Girls - Page 523 - You feel funny... - By P3r3grine - Overview
You're suddenly stricken with the strange sensation of dizziness as all the strength of your limbs are sapped away... what's going on? Your vision starts to blur, and as you try to walk to your mom's room to ask for help, you start pinballing off the walls, crashing into an end table and stumbling through the hallway. Your ears start to ring, and the last thing you remember is a very faint "Are you ok?" echoing in your mind as your vision fades to black.

You start to wake up. There's noise. There's warmth. There's... swaying? No, it's more like rhythmic contractions around you. Something slimy and wet is massaging you on all sides... Is this...?

You couldn't mistake it. Unfortunately for you, you were inside of the stomach you were most familiar with: your sister's. You stretched out your arms, trying to get her to realize you were awake and wanted to get out.

"Oooh, look he's already fighting!~" You heard Annie say. There was giggling from all around.

"Oh my god, I can't believe you actually did it!" One voice said.

"Are you really going to digest him in there...?" Said another. Was that... Susan and Violet? What were they doing here? Annie rarely had any friends over.

"Comfortable in there?" Annie asked, pushing in on you with her hand. "I hope you like being in your sister, because you're not coming out until I make you into shit!" You had the weirdest sense of deja vu... but why...? "Well girls, this wouldn't be much of a sleepover without a movie and some games! I won't slow us down, I promise, so let's get something set up!" Annie said cheerfully.

Suddenly, it hit you; these were the exact same things that happened the first time Annie swallowed you, before you even knew you were indigestable. How was this possible? Had you been sent back in time a whole month to when you were first eaten? Or had you somehow dreamed the entire thing before even realizing Annie had eaten you? The whole thing was too hard to sort out right now... All you could focus on what getting out of your sister's gut.

But would you be so lucky the second time...?
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