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Catering to Hungry Girls - Page 524 - Make it through the night - By P3r3grine - Overview
Annie stays up very late with her friends, watching bad horror movies, playing truth or dare, gossiping, and playing "Vore, Marry, Kill" using a variety of different boys' names, presumably from their classes. You find all the girl stuff boring, so you do your best to get comfortable, inevitably falling asleep. Around 4 in the morning, Annie talks about how excited she is for you to digest, and all the girls finally crash for the night.

It's late the next morning when you finally wake up, but Annie is still fast asleep - and probably will be for a few more hours. You try to just stick it out, feeling worn out and ready to escape, wondering if the rest of your experiences were just some weird dream, but suddenly you realize something. Annie's body has begun to push you into her intestines - you had forgotten she had to shit you out! You start to move around a little, hoping to pull yourself out, but it's useless; before long, you're dragged deeper into her guts, resting in her small intestines and they pulse around you.

You continue to wonder if anything will change this time around.
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