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First Fleet - Page 1 - A choice of Histories - By four_fleets - Overview
While this may or may not be centered around reproductive vore, others are still welcome- with any sort of ending, but the overall preference is non-fatal. And while this interactive is intended to be no-holds-barred, I will edit any pages that are of low-quality, and delete any that are incomprehensible to begin with. Please try to keep your posts at least a paragraph in length, unless it's a sub-choice. And please don't bother making a giant list upon list of sub-choice. Ultimately if someone wants to simplify it, there's always the "Add link" function.

Now, let's begin.

You have two choices in this universe- and only two. As your primordial or soon-to-be-reincarnated spirit floats around the ether, you can probably see a variety of scenes, and other wandering souls.

From your time in this place between places, you've figured out that Humans are near to the bottom of the food chain. They are inventive, cunning- and can charm their way out of quite a few situations.... But even then, you've watched more than your fair share of men plunge down the throat of a catgirl or harpy, even after they made a space for you to inherit...

Then there are the monsters. Men and women. Odd cross-breeds from gods past descended to now mortal flesh, of which happily fornicate amongst themselves and among humans- with the space created being just monster, or in the event a cross-breed is born- a fifty-fifty chance of being born with a little extra- or being a boring old Human.

Nevertheless, you seem to be attracted to a mother to be, and from your choice, it looks like you'll be a...
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