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Tiny PokeToy - Page 1 - Spirited Away - By Anthan - Overview
The creature sprinted away across the lawn, no-one really took notice of the thing, Sylveon's were common sights around the grounds. Although it did appear to be holding something, its ribbons were wrapped into a tight ball about 3 inches across and it was holding the object contained closely to its chest as it ran.
What was it running from? Well... nothing apparently. If anyone actually checked to see where it had come from they would only see a dead end down the backstreet behind the launderette, it must be the launderette anyway... it had a set of old clothes thrown out, strewn where they were. And... something else weird, like the glitter of fairy magic slowly disappearing into the atmosphere.

The Sylveon itself had a smile on its face, still clutching its package tightly so that it didn't escape. It darted across a road, into the park, across the field and behind a bush where the opening to a small hole in the ground had been dug out. The Sylveon wasted no time crawling inside, the tunnel was very long and extended deep underground, it was almost 3 minutes of scrabbling against the earth crawling through the burrow, it was almost completely black now however the fox could still see and had the whole warren memorized, and of course the strong smell of its family was leading it right to the end of the burrow.

"I have one...." The Sylveon whispered as it approached its destination. The others were expecting its return.

There was a huge bustle as everyone moved at once. "Where?!" "What kind is it?" "I wanna see!" "I get first go of it!"
It was almost a squeeze to get through into the main section of the burrow with the rest of the Eeveelutions blocking the entrance all huddled trying to catch a glimpse of the new arrival but eventually the Sylveon managed to get inside and sat in the middle of the room. Slowly lowered its ribbons gently to the ground and slowly unwrapped them.
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