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Down At The Bar - Page 1 - Down At The Bar - By JohnPablo - Overview
You realize your mistake just a bit too late as you step into the bar, large, hungry creatures gazing at you indifferently, as if looking at one big chunk of meat. You hesitate, noticing that most of the anthropomorphic creatures staring at you were about three to four feet taller than you, making a huge, threatening difference. You're hesitant to go talk to them, but at the same time, there's that nagging curiosity to know where you are, exactly. The bartender, an anthropomorphic giraffe, takes a glance at you, before saying something to one of the customers, who lightly turns their head and smirks at you, making you freeze for a few seconds.

It isn't long before a pair of clawed, scaled hands grasp your shoulder and shove you into a seat, secluded from the bar.
"Boy, you must really have a death wish, either that, or you're one of those deviants who is into that."
You recover from the harsh throw, looking up at the creature talking, he's a dark green, anthropomorphic oriental dragon, and even with his annoyed face, he looks more kind than the whole bar just looked.
"What does that mean?"
"It means, you're better off not talking to them, any of them, you're better off not approaching them, and not even entering this bar, in the first place. How did you ever get here? Bouncer must have stopped you, unless you were walking in with somebody, which doesn't look like it."
"There was no bouncer, and why? They don't look all that bad."
The dragon stares at you as if you were the dumbest thing in the planet "Really? Here, look at that one over there, that shark."
You inch yourself towards him and look where he's pointing, a big, bulky shark sat down in a stool, and if it weren't for the scalie pointing, you wouldn't have noticed the large, humanoid shaped bulge straining against his jeans, with their head seemingly shoved up their...
"Yep, that's what you're dealing with, if they decide to let you live."
You take a few moments to take in the situation, turning your head violently towards the dragon once the shark notices your staring, and before you start talking, a rather busty fox pops out from seemingly nowhere, juggling plenty of filled glasses in plates, and talks to the scalie. "Anything for the gent and his, uhh... p--"
"Friend, and yes, I'll just have a coke."

The well endowed furred creature looks at him, before taking off with the plates, and the dragon stops her with a hand.
"Uh--- Y..Yes?"
"My friend, he hasn't ordered yet."
You see the female walking back, with an odd look in her face, and there's a clear strain in her face as she struggles to look at your eyes.
"What would you-- do you need?"
You can feel the embarrassment in her eyes, as if she was doing something she wasn't allowed to do, but you still pretend she wasn't looking at you that way "I, uhh, I'll have a coke."
She takes a second registering your order, and stares for a few moments at the dragon, before storming off, almost whispering "Alright."

You rub your temple with a sigh, feeling like you just were in the most stressful situation in the world.
"...Name's Myra, by the way."
A few minutes pass, as the dragon explains to you what kind of people frequent this bar, usually shady people and slavers, or people looking for them.
"Humans are a rare delicacy, since they don't really come to these neighborhoods, so that would explain everyone staring at you like if you were a big chicken leg. They just love them for their taste, they love to rape them, humiliate them, and stuff them pretty much everywhere."
"Beats me. As a sign of dominance, sometimes wealth. Lots of fucked up stuff happening all the time, and nobody bats an eye. I saw that shark swallowing a girl whole while they all watched a few days ago."
"Wow... Why are you here, anyways?"
You lift an eyebrow at that remark "...For?"
"Not to be rude, but... it's none of your concern."
You almost question him, until you see the fox coming with your drinks, swaying her hips in an enticing manner for all the customers to see. Once she's about to place the bottles and glasses, a forceful shove sends her stumbling backwards, and a grey arm catches the drinks. You see the rest of the body shortly after, the grey anthropomorphic shark sitting right besides you, as he pours the drinks for both of you.
"Nice little thing you've got."
He puts an arm around your waist, but there isn't much you can do about that, since he is about three feet taller than you. Only then do you notice Myra, staring at the shark with a soul-piercing glare, the kind that'd send shivers down your spine, while the shark reciprocates with a smirk, not even looking at you as you try to leave the creature's grasp. "I'll give you ten t-"
The shark smiles, before looking down at you -or, well, your body- with a sigh. Everything about him was threatening, his appearance, his lack of private space, and most of it all, his scent. You stare up at him, before looking back at Myra.
"I'm sure that he won't mind spending a little time with us, we'll give him back in one piece, I swear."
"I said no."
"... I'm pretty sure that he can decide for himself, after all, he isn't a pet, right?" The shark winks at the waiter, who you seem to notice just now was staring at the whole conversation from afar. In fact, most of the creatures sitting by the bar had their heads turned to you, making you feel as if you didn't had much of a choice.

The dragon only then turned his head only slightly towards you, as if he was expecting for your input on the matter, but only then do you realize that if he's one to keep his word, you could prevent this from escalating any further. Most eyes on the bar are now locked on you, and there's an arm gripping firmly at your waist, denying any chance of running (That, and the fact that there's a large shark on the way).
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