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FOR SCIENCE!!! - Page 7 - "If you break me down, I'll be a part of you forever" - By Leita - Overview
"If you break me down, I'll be a part of you forever." you say. A grin stretches across your face ass you stand up. You strip the clothes you were wearing off. A slight smile forms in the corner of her mouth. "Are you absolutely sure that this is what you want? It could be painful. This really might kill you. Also, I ate Chinese earlier, so it may be a bit of a warzone in there." you both laugh at that. You always did love her sense of humor.

"I'm ready. I want to be inside of you." With that, you feel her hand tilt underneath you, tossing you bodily through the air, into her open mouth. Her lips snap shut behind you as your body lands on her silken tongue. "mfrfmrmfrmfr" she tries to speak, tossing you around her mouth and up against her teeth. "I can't understand you, don't talk with your mouth full" you begin to laugh, but a quick toss of her tongue piles you into her cheek, filling your mouth with saliva.

"I said, you taste surprisingly good" she laughs. "Something like a cross between chicken and beef." You take in a deep breath after swallowing more of her spit than you had intended to. "Well, I guess it's time" she says, shifting you back to the top of her tongue. "Bouumms up" she says, tossing her head back and opening her lips slightly, allowing light to stream in and illuminate her throat. You breath a deep sigh, allowing your body to slide back into the opening of her gullet.

You feel a wave of sexual release hit you as her throat wraps tight around your ankles and begins pulling you down. you look up as the light begins to disappear over the back of her tongue. You close your eyes as the opening to her throat closes over your head. You let the waves of peristalsis pulling you deeper into her body. Each wave of muscle covers you in a fresh coat of thick mucus as you sink int her flesh. Finally, you feel your feet breach the opening to her stomach You sigh deeply as you fee yourself sinking into the pool of half digested beef chow mein and fried rice. You fall with a plop into her stomach, coming to a rest with half of your body submerged in her last meal.

"How is it in there." You hear and feel her voice all around you. You tremble with pleasure as you see her stomach press in. "Better than I ever imagined" you say, relaxing against the wall of her stomach. The flesh gives slightly as you sink deeper into her flesh. "I can kind of feel you moving in there. This is so weird. I've never eaten anything that was still kicking before." she laughs again. "Are you hungry? I could eat something for you if you want." She takes a few deep gulps filling her stomach with air. "Nah, most of dinner is still in here." you laugh.

You guys spend the next hours talking as you begin to feel yourself loosen. Your body begins to loose shape as your molecules disperse into her flesh. The experiment has fundamentally changed you, leaving you with the ability to very literally meld your body with her. She is rewarded greatly for the strides you both made in the field of teleportation. You two separate on brief occasions to confirm your relationship, marry, and have kids. Eventually, you two grow old, and your minds and souls completely merge. On your death bed, you both whisper words of love as you pass together into the next life.

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