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Mass Effect vore interactive - Page 1 - Mass Effect vore interactive - By Leifkin7 - Overview
In this version of the Mass Effect universe, humans were introduced to the other races of the galaxy through the mass relays, the intergalactic travel system. They first encountered the turians, acting in fear and firing upon. The humans then entered a war and were easily crushed but the militaristic race due to the fact that their size was abnormally small compared to the rest of the galaxy, standing at 6 inches in comparison. The turians then enslaved the humans, using them as a delicacy food item for many years. For a time, humans lived amongst the turians as second class citizens as this practice continued. Soon, it became commonplace for the humans to be picked up off the street and swallowed on the spot and humans accepted their role as foodstuffs. The intergalactic council dragged its feet to intervene, not wanting to agitate the turians as well as they enjoyed humans as well. However, they eventually amend various constitutions to make the humans equal again and soon are assimilated into society. Their preylike natures remained ingrained into their minds thanks to turian indoctrination, and are often found throwing themselves at the larger species, hoping to fulfil this instinct. This was the same feeling in your mind today, but first, what is your gender?
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