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Not Only Hollows... - Page 1 - Not Only Hollows... - By Redswolf - Overview
*Page still in Progress*
===Rules and Content Within===
-Female predators only
-Soft vore only (Swallowing whole)
-Insertion allowed (Human dildo)
-Crush is allowed
-Straight and yuri(lesbian) only
-Sex is allowed
-Predators with unaware boyfriends allowed

Some of the many choices will include incest between both male and female characters, there will be loli options for certain characters though it is only physically so, scat will be allowed (though I wont write it), some prey may be other characters, and this will of course be completely adult.

===The Beginning===
There are many questions on what happens once one dies.

Hollows, beings who have lost their human heart

Now just what manner of spiritual being are you...
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