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Down the Belly Maze! - Page 1 - Down the Belly Maze! - By Shadowblaze - Overview
You were way too late!

She'd already been swallowed deep down...

"Please! She didn't know that none of you can reform her, until it was too late... let her out!"

The mountainous crocodile looked at you.

"Nope! *urp* Sorry! She's too deep now! Couldn't let her out if I wanted to! And I don't! *urp!*"

You immediately took off your clothes, revealing your beautiful female feline body, complete with pretty girlcock.

"Then let me in! If I catch up to her in time, I can eat her! And I can reform her outside!"

"You do know know it'll definitely be a one-way trip for you though, right? And there's no guarantee she's not digested already. I have no problem... just wouldn't wanna put up with too much whining from you once you're inside!"

"Yes! I know! now let me in, time's wasting!"

"Hohoho! Alright, my little after-dinner mint! I could use a final bite to round off my feast! Honestly, I was gonna eat you right up anyway, so this makes things easier."

"Great, great- I was gonna end up eaten one of these days anyway- I was way too tasty not to. So let's go go go!"

The massive, writhing mass of crocodile opened his great maw and slurped you in...
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