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Night at pig manor! - Page 1 - Night at vour manor. - By hackerkyle - Overview
You and every kid in town grew up hearing the stories of the old manor up on Carpenter hill. How apparently back in the 1900's all the men who lived in the house disappeared, and any man who enters there now will also disappear; while it is true there have been a few disappearances in town, no one ever thought about looking into the possibility of them having gone to the manor. You and your buddies did some research on the place back in high school and turned up vary little to no ones surprise.

You found out the owners of the manor had made their fortune from a large supply of pig farms and slaughter houses. It's unclear just how large the family was but you did find out that back in 1904, the house was abandoned and the last known member of the family to be known leave was the young daughter. No one asked where her family was or why she abandoned her family home. But the fortune soon dies down as she sold all of the family farms and slaughter houses and lived a normal life after that. She later died at the age 83 in 1977.

You yourself have never gone up to the place, only ever looked at it from a distance with your four close buddies. All of whom would dare each other to go up and knock on the door; but no one ever did. You're twenty-two years old now. With the thought of asking Mark out for a date. After all you two have been pretty much attached at the hip since you were four, and he was six. But despite your conviction of asking him out you never have.

You five are currently at a small party at one of Dan's friends house. But even with that Dan chose to stick with you guys for the party. You four were sitting on a small den drinking and listening to the music from a distance when Dan rushes over to you guys He sat down before he spoke.

"Hay guys, lets go up to the manor and check it out." Dan said with a bit of a grin and excitement in his eyes.

Dan was always the party guy of our group. A bit on the hefty side too, but he is a good guy to have on your side if you get in a fight.

"Oh yeah because that's the smart thing to do when you're buzzed." Terry remarked as he got a refresh on his beer from the keg in the corner. "What brought this sudden need to go to that old place?"

Terry is the oldest of us. Even acts like a bit of an older brother for us all. He's a lot more in shape then the rest of us and is actually a pacifist despite he could kick anyone's ass.

"Come on! It's Halloween and what better way to celebrate by ACTUALLY going up to the old place?" Dan said as he took a sip of beer."Oh come on. Don't tell me you guys are chicken?"

"You know calling me Chicken is pretty much a death sentence for you, right?" Mark said with a glare to Dan.

Mark can be a bit of a hot head; but you've always been the one to calm him down when he gets too carried away. The big lug may have his faults but you love him for it.

"Well if I'm wrong, then do it, go up tot he manor!" Dan spattered us with beer as he slammed his cup on the table.

"Alright I'll do it! Then we'll see who is the chicken!" Mark said as he got up and grabbed his keys.

"You two are both way to drunk to drive; well so am I." Terry got up to follow them.

"Hay John can you drive us up there?" Dan Asked John who sat next to him.

"....Sure" John said almost in a whisper.

John... Is pretty introverted. The quiet and frail one of the group he was the weird new kid in school. But thanks to Dan's personality he pretty much drove John into your little group of friends. John never drinks so he's always ends up being the designated driver.

You wonder if you should join your friends in their sudden adventure to the manor.
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