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The Accidental Adventurer - Page 1 - The Accidental Adventure Begins... - By KavenBach - Overview

          For a time there is only blackness… then, suddenly, a bright light sears your eyes.  You groan, grimacing, and move your arms and legs helplessly.  You immediately realize that you can’t feel anything around you… as though you’re floating, not touching the ground.  That thought makes you open your eyes, trying to see despite the brightness.

          You blink once, twice, and realize you really are floating in midair… or at least, you were.  You feel your body growing heavy… as though gravity has suddenly returned.  You have a moment to feel your weight increase, and to see that you’re several feet above and between several trees, before gravity returns fully and you drop like a rock.

          You scream in shocked fear and stare down as you fall.  You see two things immediately: that the ground below you appears to be covered in soft, thick moss, and that there’s a vine stretched between the trees, hanging right across the spot you’re falling.

          What do you do?  Let yourself fall to the mossy earth and hope the stuff cushions your fall?  Or try to grab that vine as you fall passed it?

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