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The Grindhouse - Page 1 - The Grindhouse - By primalconundrum - Overview
From the outside, the building could almost be mistaken for an upscale bistro. Nice stonework, decorative flaming braziers, windows so heavily tinted as to be opaque, the works. Even the name of the establishment, “The Grindhouse”, displayed in large, brightly lit letters, made the place sound like it could simply be a nice steakhouse. Located in an up-and-coming neighborhood, one would never know from the outside what the building actually was. Oh, those leaving may have a full belly, but it was only rarely from the slightly overpriced appetizers.

In reality, the place was a club. A club that catered to a rather specific range of tastes. It was here that people could go to vent their frustrations, sate their hunger, or give themselves fully to the pleasures of the flesh. If one were to keep track of the number of lives that had been ended behind its doors, it would be a strong competitor with several prison camps or other such places.

You, however, already know all of that. After all, you're coming here as...
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