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The Grindhouse - Page 11 - A hot pink glowstick! You want to be unbirth - By voryure - Overview

Giggling a bit, you crack the hot pink glowstick and tuck it into your prominently-displayed cleavage. You know a lot of people come here to get eaten, but you have a different kind of digestion in mind! Now prepared, you waste no time in pushing through the last set of doors and into the main area.

It is immediately obvious that nobody here is shy. A quick look around the room reveals countless acts of debauchery, from the dead cutie getting passed around like a cum-stuffed toy at the bar to the girly anthro boy on stage who is currently in the process of sliding feet-first down a hungry Minotaur cock. Biting your lip, you can't help but notice that you're already getting eyed up by more than a few people, and you realize that if you don't pick where you want to go quick, someone else is gonna pick for you. Weighing your options, you decide to...
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