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Vore in the Real-World!?! - Page 18 - Round 1 with the scrawny girl - By Pepper - Overview
You hear a bell ring announcing the start of the match. You walk up to your first prey, a teenage girl about 17 or 18. You grab her by the arms and engulf her head and shoulders with your mouth. She giggles a little bit, you quickly push her abdomen in and then lift her legs up in the air and swallow her hips. Gravity sends her legs in as well. After you finish you look over at your competitor who had a flat stomach and was just getting the head of her prey in her mouth. 'Piece of cake,' you think to yourself. You quickly devour your next nine prey; a teenage boy, a man and a woman appear to be together around the age of 25, 3 small children, a business woman, and two teenage girls. After you finish you see your competitor barely finishing her 4th. They announce the end with you as the victor. Sarah comes up to you, "congratulations, you won, maybe we'll both make it to the final round." The owner comes up with your competitor, "Do you want to eat her as well?" What do you do?
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