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Vore in the Real-World!?! - Page 4 - Hang out with a friend - By Fangroller - Overview
That doesn't sound half bad. Although you can barely remember their names, the three get along just fine. For now let's call the female one, Pred, and the male one, Prey. Hey, that what happens when you sleep in too much, you come up with stupid names. But, feel free to imagine your own, okay?

Now then, you could hang out with Pred. Your night would most likely entail hanging out, eating a liil too much, and eating anyone just because you can. And maybe, just maybe if you can survive the night hanging out with her, you'll get to show her how it feels to be preyed on. Or she could just swallow you instead, thats entirely possible too.

Or, you could spend your day with Prey. You two would go around, spreading the good message of non-vore... followed by you two running away from the very people you were speaking with. Yet, at the end of the day, maybe you'll be able to convince him that maybe being eaten by someone wouldn't be that bad. Or, just maybe, that eating someone would feel good.

The choice is yours.
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