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Vore in the Real-World!?! - Page 9 - Just give her a taste (Prey) - By Fangroller - Overview
Taking a deep breath, you decide to just give a little taste of being a predator. Opening up the bathroom door, you see her rubbing her hands together and breathing heavily.

"Hehe, I'm so excited. My first time actually e-eating someone." You roll your eyes and begin take off your clothes. She looks over your succulent body and begins to drool a little bit. You gesture to her to have a taste, but tell her that it will ONLY be a taste. She walks over to you and begins to lick your neck. You have to admit, it feels pretty good as she begins to suck on it. Pulling off, she stares at you. And then she smiles, one that you've seen on Pred bear many times before. Suddenly, you realize how this is going to end.

Before you can take off, her mouth opens wide and closes down on you. Try as you may, she holds a good grip on you. You can feel her hot breath hit your face as you slowly slide deeper and deeper. This definitely was not how it was supposed to go down

"Mmmmmm~" You hear her moan all around you. You then feel her hands press against your bottom, and she pushes you deeper. You can see her stomach, and anyone from the outside would only be able to see your feet now. With one last gulp, you are swallowed whole by the woman. You can feel her hands press against her stomach hear her giggling.

"I actually did it... I ate someone. Hehehe, it feels really good." She pats her stomach and lets out a small belch. " Sorry for eating you, but god you were so tasty. Thanks for showing me how satisfying being a predator is!" You make decent sized bulge and she has to try and stretch her t-shirt over you. Unable to cover her belly button, she gives up and falls asleep on the tiled bathroom floor.
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