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Anthro RPG - Page 93 - Sell the loot first & ask about the quest - By Personad - Overview
You first go over to the nearest weapons shop you can find to sell the gear you took from the catkin. The owner of the shop only offered you 6 gold for everything. You weren't sure if it was because you were a woman or if he was just a greedy bastard, but you take the gold as it was enough for a bed at the inn.

Next you go over to the person who put up the request for the rat problem. They were a shop owner who explains to you that for the past two days, some kind of animals have been breaking into their storage room and stealing their food. They said it looked like rat claw marks, but big.

You get the location of the store house and realize you will have to wait until nightfall. In the meantime, you went around and found a potion shop, tavern, and soldier outhouse.

When night comes, you eat your last ration and head over to the store house. You arrive and hear the sound of squeaking coming from the back. You go around and find the "rats".

They were ratkins, two, one female and the other male. They both measured 3 ft tall and were unarmed except for the female ratkin holding a bag of stolen food from the store house.

They notice you, and the male hisses at you before leaping towards you, while you grab your sword and shield to get ready.
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