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Anthro RPG - Page 94 - Subdue & Unbirth - By Personad - Overview
As the ratkin jumps at you, you swing shield and backhand the creature with it. It goes flying into the wall of the shop owner's storehouse and becomes stunned, leaning against the wall with its back.

The female, seeing how easily the male was dispatched makes a break to run into the forest with the loot. You quickly throw your sword at its head and luckily hits them, causing ratkin fall over.

With both down, you turn back to the male still stunned. The ration from before still filled your belly, but a kick from lower reminded you about your other occupant.

Remembering the pleasure you felt from unbirthing the catkin yesterday, you grab the male rat's head and shove into your pussy. Without him struggling, you're able to push him in up to his shoulders before your vagina took over and started pulling him in. You feel his soft and slick fur glide in easily as his skinny body give you little trouble. With a few final pulls, his toes are the last things left before he is sealed inside your womb along with the catkin.

Your belly is now twice as big, sticking out past your D-cup sized breats, but not enough to impede you or slow you down too much.

You're eyes cast over to female ratkin who's starting to recover from the blow from earlier.
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