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Anthro RPG - Page 95 - Be Greedy & Regret it - By Personad - Overview
You continue your victory of conquering your foes and go over to the remaining ratkin. She begins to get up, but you are already behind her.

"Come and join my other little pets~" You taunt her before taking hold of its legs and sliding their feet into your cunt. The ratkin snaps it's head back towards you and sees what your doing, becoming frightened. She let's out a panicking squeal and begins to struggle.

Yet the grip you have on her is too strong, as it's struggling is only giving you pleasure. The process is slower than it was with even the catkin, as not only are you starting feet first, but also she is more curvier. Since she's of age, her widening hips and growing chest causes you to slow down a little. Eventually, only her screaming head is left out before you use your hand and pushed her inside. Curling up with the other two.

You slowly stand back up, your legs a little unsteady as you now balance the weight of your belly. It was big at this point, enough that the armor that covered your torso came off and made you feel slower than usual.

DEX: 2 weak

As you are about to return to the shop owner to give them the news, you hear a very loud and angry hiss come from behind you. You turn around and saw a much bigger ratkin approaching from the forest. They were 4ft 5 inches tall, and appeared to be female with breast almost as big as yours, along with wide hips and a big butt. And maybe pregnant given how she had a noticeable belly that was the same size as when you unbirthed the catkin.

This was probably the mother, and she did not like what you done.
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