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The Hybrid Food Chain - Page 1 - The Hybrid Food Chain - By HeroicSpirit - Overview
Let us take a moment to travel to a far away world. A world similar yet different from our own. On this planet there exists a forest. At a glance this woodland might appear normal. There are trees, rocks, rivers, caves, and even a lake. Yet when we take a closer look at the inhabitants of this environment, we see some unusual sights. Living throughout the forest there are dozens of strange creatures that share the body of both man and animals. Hybrids, as they're called, take up all shapes and sizes. There might be a dear human hybrid which has a body similar to that of a centaur. Or perhaps a fish human hybrid which shares a likeness to mermaids of myth. For every creature you can think of living in a forest on earth, there is a hybrid counterpart living in this forest.

Despite these hybrid creatures sharing a resemblance to humans, there is nothing human about the way they act. Instead of using advanced forms of communication and building culture, these humanoids act purely on instinct. Simple minded and irrational, they are more of animals then man. The laws of nature rule these life forms, and it does so swiftly and cruelly.

Now like every ecosystem, nature demands that there must be some sort of balanced food chain. Mice eat grass, Snakes eat the mice, and hawks eat the snakes. The big eat the small and the small and the bigger eat the big. This forest is no different. Although these hybrid creatures all share a shred of human, they treat each other no differently. A mouse girl eats some grass. A snake boy eats the mouse girl. And of course a hawk girl eats the snake boy. It's the circle of life. Being humanoid means nothing here. If your small than one of these hybrids, they will consume you without hesitation. Their animalistic instinct demands that they do for the sake of survival.

So your probably wondering ,"Why are you showing me all of this? Why am I here? Why does this all matter?". Well my friend, I'm here to take you on a journey through this ecosystem. A journey where you will become one of these hybrids and live the life of a primitive animal, struggling to survive. The purpose of all of this? There isn't one. I could say to teach you humility or appreciation for humanity but it doesn't really matter in the end.

So without further delay, let's get started. I'll be generous and let you pick what you become. And for the sake of simplicity, each hybrid creature will be named by letting their animal half of their name be the prefix, and whether they're a boy or girl be the suffix. Simple enough wouldn't you say? I'm sure you can work out the rest. Bellow you will find a list of your possible future forms. Pick carefully.
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