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Pokemon: Predators among us. - Page 1 - Beginning. - By SparkyThunders - Overview
Urgh... what?... happened? You groan. Your head aches, you're cold, and you feel sore and tired. Too tired to open your eyes. "H...H...." you try to speak, but... all you hear is the sound of the swish of trees. At least... You think. Why can't I move? You grunt. "Hey, I think this is the way to town!" You hear someone say.
"Yea, and--" Another says, his voice cut and a loud gasp is emitted. "Wait! There's someone on the ground!"
Pitter patter, pitter patter, Foosteps seem to hit a hard thing before going bad to Soft squishing sound of grass. at least it's what so far you can guess
"We need to get him to safety." The second says.
"Really?" The first says sarcastically. "lets just keep him here to be vored by predators."
vore?... you think. wonder what that means, and with predators doing something with it, it ain't good..
You feel a rubbery paw pick you up and then lug you onto their shoulder. "It's a little too late..... We gotta hurry."

An hour later

It was unknown by then that you'd fell asleep. "Think they'll be okay?" the first voice asked. While at that time, you'd just reawoken. still sore, but able to get up. "Wah!! Th-They're awake!" The same person said.
"Calm down," his friend says. "Let's ask them a few questions..."
You look around to see a Froakie and...
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