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Pokemon: Predators among us. - Page 10 - Elliot the Shinx! - By SparkyThunders - Overview
"H..Hi!" The Shinx said rushing towards you, then clumsily tripping on his own footing, he tumbled close.
Almost close enough to hurt you. But, he landed miraculously on his butt with his paw out to shake you hand. " You're definitely improving on tripping, Elliot," the Froakie said.
The Shinx blushed.
"I'm Elliot and he's my Bud and roomie Norm."
Elliot walked towards Norm, who was cooking something that smelled delicious.
"Here you go," Elliot said.
"Hope you like," Norm added.
The food looked funny, being pinkish cactus green. Would you try it?... Shinx shoved a spoonful into your mouth before you could make the choice. In honesty, It tasted way Better than it looked and a bit more than how it smelled. with sweetness, but sournees, a hint of spice...
Shinx tilted his head staring at you.
It felt odd so you asked for a little comfort and privacy.
"I'm sorry," Elliot said. "Just... what exactly are you?"
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