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Pokemon: Predators among us. - Page 11 - Emerald the Eevee. - By SparkyThunders - Overview
Froakie looked at you while The Eevee grunted.
"Name's Emerald," He said snobbily. "What's it to ya?" He suddenly realized something. "Dang.. wrong thing to say."
The Froakie nudged him. "Be nice! Arceus!.. My name's Norm. He's Emerald Charm."
Emerald looked like a mischievous Little fox.
Emerald wore spherical glasses, but the left frame was covered by his fringe. He had a more darker fur coat and the tip of his tail was black, not white.
Norm, on the other hand... was a regular generic Froakie.

Emerald gave a small sigh. "You believe in me, right?" He asked Norm. As Norm Was busy attempting to make something, he nodded. Emerald then turned to you. "They say never to trust a fox.. I'm one and some people trust in me. would you do the same."
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