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Pokemon: Predators among us. - Page 12 - Eryk The Squirtle - By SparkyThunders - Overview
"Don't worry, I'll get him to talk."
The Squirtle, Who wore Black rimmed orange tinted sunglasses and Red bandanna backwards, stomped towards you. Upon close confrontation, where you felt his breath on your head, he jabbed his paw onto your neck, grabbing it. "Alright, You. Tell me who you are and Where you came From!"
"U-Uh..." You stammer and shiver.
"Eryk I Don't think we need to use force," The Froakie said angrily.
Well Sooo-rry! I gotta have my fun."
The Squirtle flicked up his glasses -which landed perfectly onto his head- and said, giving you 'the guns', " The name's Eryk-Leroy. Call me one or another or both. Or E if you'd like. Just Not El. Only my friends can." He shook his head and had his glasses fell down.
"My Name is Norman, but Most call me Norm, or N. Nice to meet you."
He Held out his hand to shake with you. Eryk Got your attention by screaming. "Sorry. Just... yunno Norm, right?" He said, blusing tinily. Norm nodded. "So, Ace, What's Your Name?"
You thought, but the only thought was the name Israel, but It wasn't your name... was it?
"Not wanting to tell your name, huh?" Eryk asked. "Alright. I understand, Ace, But What are you?"
You are confused by this. Clearly, You were a...
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