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Pokemon: Predators among us. - Page 14 - Genesis The Riolu - By SparkyThunders - Overview
A Riolu Looked at you with a deadly stare. Then a Smile. The Riolu looked odd. He had Golden Eyes and Wore goggles and Badge with the letters J.S.R.
"The name is Genesis Scene," The Riolu said. he Adjsted his badge and said, "I'm part the Junior Support.. The R is for Recruit." He takes it off and sighs. "At least I used to be." He Held his head down, his Fluffed fur drooped over his head hid his eyes, and upon returning, a smile crept onto his face.
It was questionable is that was an actual smile to hide sadness, or a demented one.
"A-hem!" froakie rudely said. "Oh, sorry," Genesis said. "My BFF is Norman Fruds."
Froakie was alright after. He gave a bow and went into the kitchen-like area.
Genesis Sat next to you. "What were you doing out there? I mean It made sense that you probably were defeated, but The Big Pokemon would have vored you."
You slightly tilt your head. "Vore?.." you can't help and ask.
"Yes. The Power of Vore. Yunno Where a Pokemon granted with the power is able to eat others alive and keep tnem inside their Stomach forever or digest them for power?"
"Sounds disgusting!"
He shrugged. "It's a terrible fate, I know. But really, if you think about it there is nothing so wrong about it. If it ties back to when we were primordial Maybe we are going Back There."
He stayed quiet for a few seconds. What he stated could be a fact. But... he has no proof. It sounds too gross to witness it; even more to participate as the victim, but he kept an open mind.
"What's your name and species?" he asked with no interest in talking about "vore".
You thought. a name crosses your mind, Serenity, But it isn't yours.. It was odd to ask your species, his reason for this was, "I've never seen your kind here."
On you, you had..
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