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Pokemon: Predators among us. - Page 2 - Pip The Mew! - By SparkyThunders - Overview
The Mew looked at you in concern. "What's your name?" She asks.
"M..My name's..." You think. the memory of the name Carmin goes into your Head.. But No... It couldn't.. Could it?

"I can't remember," You say feeling disappointed. Mew pats you on the back and smiles. "No worries! You'll remember eventually,"she said." I'm Pippy, But just Call me Pip or P; Whatever you prefer."

Call me Norm." The Froakie said. "It's Norman Kurt." With a small smile, you say "pleasure to meet you both, Pip and Norm."

Sudden lights flicker on outside. Causing your attention to be directed outside. "What could this-" Pip says, ending with a gasp.
"Wait they're doing it today?" Norm said in disbelief. he then used a small watergun on Lamps that lit the home, turning it dark with lights coming ominously through the windows. you all stared out, looking at...
"What are you guys looking for?" You ask whisperinh, since it seemed necessary. "Not right..."
You see a Raichu running, along with a Zangoose and Furret stepping backward. An Arcanine attempted to pounce The Zangoose, but was unsuccessful. Zangoose attempted a a Slash, but that too wasn't successful. "Who're they..." you asked, whispering.
"The Zangoose is Guardian," Pip said. "The Furret is Chet."
The Arcanine used Flamethrower, which successfully hit both Furret and Zangoose.
"Give up. Your little town will fall..." The Arcanine said, grinning a grin you could remember...
"I'd rather die!" Guardian growled struggling to get up. his strength being weak. "Take my life! but, leave these innocents alone!"
"Stop this!... please..." Chet said, pulling Guardian. Chet wasn't as hurt, but still was struggling. "Please.."
"He's right..." Arcanine chuckled in agreement. "Hand your people over, and we'll spare some people."
Guardian growled. "No... I'll..." he fell back, Chet catching him before he hit the ground.
Chet seemed to whisper something to Guardian, whch made Guardian angry. "Don't do it!" Guardian said, stand up, with a small limp.
"Please, eat me... if it means to stall enough time for everyone..." The arcanine though this as a joke at first, but he was dead wrong.
"Private, don't!" Guardian growled.
The arcanine was quite amazed on how he was willing to be eaten.. "He's made his choice..." Arcanine smiled. "Climb on in," The arcanine said, opening it's seeming impossible to actually expand that far wide mouth. Chet looked at Guardian who was growling and yelling at him not to make that decision. "I've had a good life... Thanks for being my Guardian." He chuckled, before getting on his forepaws to climb into the arcanine. Arcanine's mouth closed. A few fur strands were hanging out of it.
Pip looked away, disgusted. Norm couldn't believe what he was seeing.
Arcanine swallowed. Making a bulge, presumably Chet. Guardian got up and used his right paw for an attempted strong basic cut attack.
Arcanine gave another gulp proceeding the bulge to move towards the stomach.
Guardian roared, somwhat crying. he was running straight towards arcanine's throat, but... it still wasn't enough... the last gulp made the bulge go into the abdominal and made it sag. Arcanine grunted seeing Guardian trying to attack. Arcanine bit his arm and threw him towards Pip and Norm's home, hitting a wall. "You're lucky you got saved... He'll last me, lets say... two weeks. by then he'll be nothing but bladder fluids and Crap, Then, I'm coming..." he looked inside. It was unknown how well his seeing is, but The Arcanine Looked straight at you as he mouthed it. The arcanine laughed, leaving. it mentally scared you... "M..Me?!" You shivered. "WHY ME?!"
Pip grabbed you and shook you. "You'll be fine."
"I'm getting Guardian," Norm said, going outside cautiously.

What did he mean?... It kept crossing your mind.

"You hungry?" Pip asked the hurt Guardian. "Hm? who is that?" He asked, pointing at you. " This.. er... this is...
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