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Pokemon: Predators among us. - Page 45 - Buck the Bulbasaur - By Jayezox - Overview
You see a Bulbasaur next to the Froakie, "Norm, he don't look too good. Oh wait, he's gettin' up." They both look concerned about you. "Hey, whatever happened to you, don't panic. You're going to be fine now" the Froakie said, "I'm Norman and I was hired to help this caravan, but you can call me Norm. You're safe with us." The Bulbasaur butted in, "and I'm Buck, the one tryin' to sell all the goods without gettin' it stolen. I'm tough enough to handle predators, but there's so many thieves sneakin' up on us. That's why I hired 'im." A female voice with an accent similar to the Bulbasaur caught your attention, "Don't forget about me. I'm Charlotte, the one carryin' this stuff." You look past the two of them to see a Ponyta with a wagon full of produce: berries, seeds, and various fruits and vegetables can be seen within.

"Let's cut the introductions and make sure this pokemon is fine" said Norm. "Do you remember what happened to you?"
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