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Pokemon: Predators among us. - Page 62 - Hai! (Yes I do!) - By SparkyThunders - Overview
With Rent comes responsibility, right? You accept his question with a Simple nod and a Smile.
"Great!.."Guardian said with a slight smirk. "I want you, for now, to live with these two Pip and Norman.. As Scouting regiment 3, Ranked 1, Nickname..."
"Honey Mustard," Pip shouted jokingly.
Guardian scratched his belly and growled at Pip. These outbursts were from her Playful nature. She backed away , Making Guardian Seeming like He's more superior.
"The Nickname was their choice. So... Honey Mustard," Guardian said shrugging.
"Hope you like being with the scouts."
Guardian started laying down on the bed you had. Norm saluted you. "Glad to have you on our team!" The two of you hug and Pip give a small Nip to the cheek.
"Get some rest.. You panicked, Got a nickname, recalled a memory, and got recruited all in one day. that usually doesn't happen (other than the panicking thing), Ya lucky Newbie."
Pip and Norm let you into their Bedroom, One of only Two rooms seperated by walls of the Kitchen/Livingroom. The bedroom had a window bigger than you were, and there was only two beds for now. Pip offered To Share, stating that she can,"Sleep in the air." She shown you that she can perform a move the shield her within a ball. But.. You didn't feel the Slight of exhaustion, And Pip said,"We can take a walk to the Beach." With a follow up Comment, Adding," Who am I kidding I'm gonna float there. You'll be the only of getting exercise."
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