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Discord High School - Page 33 - Ginger's Appetizing School Life - By Halcyon - Overview
Ginger sighed as she strolled into the locker room, following a line of other students from other grades. The diminutive, black-haired girl quickly took a seat on a bench tucked away in the corner. Given that she was far from athletic, the petite freshman rather disliked gym. The early October heat only made it worse for her.

Not that Ginger particularly enjoyed the rest of her high school experience so far. As a freshman, she had only been enrolled at Discord High School for a month. It was hell. Far from the laid-back attitude of her intermediate school, the constant dog-eat-dog conflict of high school was totally unsuited for her.

Or, rather, she was totally unsuited for it. Barely five feet tall, Ginger was small in body and in power. The scene skinny jeans and t-shirts she preferred to wear did nothing to accentuate her modest a-cup breasts, which she had already given up hope on growing larger. She liked to wear her dyed-black hair in bangs over her glasses, a style that did nothing to hide her from the hungry students roaming the halls.

On the contrary - if her cute appearance made her tasty-looking to would-be predators, her poor athletic ability made her the perfect target. Every single day she found herself fleeing from hungry upperclassmen, some of which came dangerously close to having her for breakfast, lunch, or just a snack. It was a miracle that she had even lasted this long. Since entering Discord High School, the timid girl had made just two friends in her class - neither of who were still around. Both of them had been snatched up and eaten within just weeks of the first day of school. One of the predators was even another freshman in her homeroom - a big breasted blonde chick. Ginger even got to sit next to her as she digested her former friend, listening to her sobs from her distended belly. Ever since then, Ginger had caught the predator in question looking hungrily her way on more than one occasion...

Ginger tried to shake the thought out of her head as she pulled her gym shorts off and set them aside. The surface of the bench felt cool against the underside of her creamy thighs.

Just as she began to reach for her jeans, however, Ginger's changing was interrupted. A tall, athletic-looking upperclassman approached her. Fresh from the showers, water dripped off of her toned body as she toweled off her tanned skin. Ginger recognized her as Melyssa, one of the student athletes from another class she shared her gym period with.

"God, gym always makes me hungry," Melyssa complained as she walked towards the trembling Ginger. "Hey, freshie, wanna be my lunch today? I could really use the calories for practice after school~"

Ginger's legs trembled as she tried not to look at Melyssa. She could hear her toned stomach rumbling from three feet away. She was much bigger and stronger than her, and it was no surprise that she saw her as a step down on the food chain.
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