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Discord High School - Page 34 - Live to Flee Another Day - By Halcyon - Overview
As soon as Melyssa made her intentions clear, Ginger's instincts took over and triggered her fight-or-flight response. She knew that, if she didn't act fast, she'd be just another forgotten meal lost to Discord High School's Darwinism.

Having no desire to be Melyssa's lunch that day, Ginger grabbed her clothes and leapt over the bench. She bolted for the door as Melyssa dove after her, missing her by inches. Although she wasn't particularly agile, Ginger's quick response gave her the element of surprise.

In the end, it made all the difference. Ginger bolted out of the locker room in her underwear, confident that she would live to flee from hungry predators for at least another few hours.

Chest heaving from exertion and face red with shame, Ginger ran into the girls' bathroom. There, she quickly pulled her clothes on the rest of the way. After taking a few more minutes to compose herself, Ginger left the bathroom to the tone of the bell and headed towards her next class, which was...
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