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Discord High School - Page 35 - Ginger's Lunch - By Halcyon - Overview
Ginger sighed anxiously as she remembered that he next class was her lunch period. What she had once naively hoped would be a relaxing break in her daily schedule had quickly become a mess of running and hiding from bullies and predators. She couldn't even look forward to sitting with her two friends anymore, given that they themselves had become "lunches" for other students weeks ago.

Now, Ginger was all alone as she walked slowly towards the cafeteria, hoping that nobody who had seen her in her underwear earlier had thought her appetizing enough to follow. She briefly considered buying something to eat and hiding out in the bathroom to eat it, but quickly dismissed the idea. That could be even more dangerous. At least, with the cafeteria, she had multiple exits to choose from in case of an emergency.

Ginger brushed the bangs out of her face as she timidly poked into the cafeteria. She tried to avoid the stares of the obvious predators who either hadn't brought lunch money, or just preferred to eat something more lively than what the school was serving. Luckily, she made it through the line without any trouble.

Soon after, Ginger headed for an innocuous seat in the back. She sat down and began to quietly eat, enjoying her momentary solitude but hoping that it wouldn't make her too much of an obvious target.
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