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Discord High School - Page 36 - Ginger Meets Jolene - By Halcyon - Overview
Sitting alone at her lunch table, Ginger quickly and quietly worked through her lunch. When she was about halfway done, she glanced up to see a tall, voluptuous senior walking slowly toward her, skirt swaying from side to side as she stepped with the slightest swing.

Ginger gulped nervously... Oh no, what does she want with me? Ginger recognized her as Jolene, a senior and one of the toughest bullies on campus. Though Jolene had never spoken to her directly, Ginger had seen her harass other girls in the halls and school grounds quite frequently. It was hard not to notice the predatory upperclassman. Her long, straight brunette hair, her round, perky tits, her thick thighs, and her plump ass that showed with the slightest tease under her swaying skirt all gave her the image of a dominant alpha-predator. All of this was in stark contrast to Ginger's perception of herself as pale, petite, and weak.

It was perhaps precisely these qualities that was leading the sultry - and hungry-looking - older girl right to her.
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