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Discord High School - Page 37 - Jolene Moves in on her Prey - By Halcyon - Overview
"Hi," Jolene said flatly as she sat down right next to Kim, paying no mind to her personal space. She was so close that their thighs were touching, instantly intimidating Ginger by their obvious difference in size.

Ginger trembled as Jolene, who dwarfed her in size, made her presence known by invading hers. The shy freshman couldn't help but to glance at Jolene's toned, bare legs and thick thighs that were barely covered by her skirt. Her cleavage was also barely covered, seemingly held in place by a shirt that was too tight for her.

"Um... h-hello..." Ginger replied. She weakly attempted a smile, though she doubted it would help. Her whole body trembled; she knew she was in trouble.

"What are you doing here, all by yourself?" Jolene asked bluntly, turning the full force of her presence on Ginger as she turned and stared her down.

"Just... eating lunch, heh..." Ginger smiled as she blushed slightly. The sudden attention was making her a little shy, and she found herself at a loss of words. Jolene exacerbated her nerves by leaning and casually taking a sniff of her hair. Either she was paying no mind to her personal space, or, more likely, she was asserting her dominance by personally violating it.

"That sounds like a good idea~" Jolene teased as she then leaned over in front of Ginger. "You know, I took one look at you, and I thought about how much I'd like to have a cute little girl all tucked up in my tummy," she commented as she reached forward and stroked Ginger's pale cheek, causing her to flinch. Obviously, she wasn't one to beat around the bush.
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