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Discord High School - Page 38 - Jolene's Ginger Take-Out - By Halcyon - Overview
"I already ate, though," Jolene continued after a deliberate pause, "which is a shame, 'cause you look pretty fuckin' tasty."

Ginger's eyes grew wider as she listened to Jolene talk at her. She tried to pull away, but Jolene quickly grabbed her by the shoulder, preventing her from moving. It was already too late to run.

"Y-Your lunch?" Ginger stammered out, glancing from side to side, to see if there were anyone she could call out to for help, or anything she could do to bide her time.

"Mmmhmmm~" The curvy brunette smiled, licking her lips. "I want a yummy little freshie snack curled up inside my belly." Her entire body seemed to ooze the essence of danger, causing panic to well up inside of Ginger. Jolene caressed Ginger's other cheek, gently turning her to face her. "I heard the cheer squad shopping around for girls, and one of them mentioned she planned to nab you after school. I decided to have you for myself, instead."

Jolene purred as she slid her hand down to Ginger's wrist, forcefully taking her small hand and guiding it to the gap in the bottom of her blouse. She pressed her hand firmly against her midriff, letting her feel it, as if to hint at what was coming. Ginger pictured the food she had just eaten sloshing around in her own belly as she glanced over at Jolene's midriff, just barely covered by her shirt. She inadvertently pictured herself curled up inside. This girl really wanted to eat her, and it didn't look like anybody was going to stop her.

Kim gasped in fear as she was forced to look into her predator's hungry, sultry eyes, eyes that called out for her sacrifice. Glancing from side to side, she quickly noticed that, indeed, while the other girls were stealing glances her way, they paid her no mind. The realization that she was all alone suddenly struck her. She felt her hand on Jolene's warm, smooth stomach under her shirt, and felt - ever so slightly - her stomach rumble underneath.

Before she knew it, Ginger started to tear up. By now, she had been used to this kind of treatment, but even still, it was too much for her.

At that moment, Jolene reached down and lifted a large duffel back off of the floor, placing it right on the table. "Alright. Since I can't eat you now, I'm going to save you for later," she decided as she unzipped the large bag. "You understand it, don't you? You belong to me now. Strip naked and get in my bag."

Ginger let out a little "eep!" as she peered inside the open duffel bag. It was almost empty, aside from what looked like some gym clothes sitting at the bottom. A cursory glance told her that she would just barely fit inside.
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