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Discord High School - Page 39 - Melyssa's Meal - By Halcyon - Overview
A wave of shame flooded Ginger's body as Melyssa so casually suggested she be her lunch. Deep down, she knew that it was only a matter of time before her days ended stewing in some pretty girl's gut. She had never wanted to believe it, but the truth was right in front of her eyes in the form of the tall, tanned upperclassman. She knew that she wasn't getting bigger or stronger anytime. Furthermore, she hated the daily ritual of humiliation and teasing that came with being so obviously low on the food chain.

Natural selection had already decided her fate as nourishment for some better person, and she knew it. All that was left was to realize that fate.

"F-Fine..." Ginger sighed. She knew that she wouldn't be able to get away from Melyssa even if she had the strength to run.

"Good," Melyssa began as if she had half-expected it. "It's always good when a belly-slut knows her place."

Ginger didn't bother to put her pants on - she wouldn't need them where she was going. Instead, she whimpered as Melyssa took her roughly by her black hair and shoved her up against the wall. The hungry upperclassman roughly tore off Ginger's bra and panties as she forced her face into her belly, giving her a quick preview of her digestive tract.

Without a moment's hesitation, Melyssa grabbed Ginger by her flat ass and forced her head upward into her open mouth. Despite her resignation, being eaten alive was much scarier than Ginger anticipated, and the teen involuntary struggled as the athlete devoured her. Melyssa's tongue slathered over Ginger's face, moving down to her flat chest as her head pushed into her throat, and downward into there.

Melyssa swallowed Ginger whole with a series of quick gulps, and didn't stop until the freshman was curled up in her belly. The upperclassman allowed herself a few savory licks of Ginger's bare toes before gulping them down as well, sealing her inside of her stomach.

"Ouhh..." Melyssa groaned as she felt her food settle into her stomach, her gut now bulging out comically. "That hit the spot. Now, be a good girl..."
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