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Discord High School - Page 40 - Ginger "Fights Back" - By Halcyon - Overview
"Fuck off..." Ginger muttered. The bully's degrading tone infuriated her to no end. She wanted nothing more than to be rid of her, and, although she knew it wasn't in her best interests, the anger was too much for her to bear.

"Huh?" Melyssa asked, her tone quickly becoming serious. "What the hell did you say?"

"I said, fuck off!" Ginger repeated, a little more forcefully.

Suddenly, Ginger saw stars as Melyssa punched her in the side of head, sending her sprawling across the floor. Stunned and reeling from the pain, Ginger, flopped to her side as Melyssa tossed her towel away and walked over to her. The upperclassman kicked her swiftly in the stomach, knocking her away another foot and causing her to groan in pain.

"You fucking bitch!" Melyssa yelled as she walked over to Ginger and squatted down next to her writhing body. All around them, the other upperclassmen looked on with amusement, while the underclassmen hurriedly scampered away.

With nobody to stop her, Melyssa roughly grabbed Ginger by the neck, and lifted her head up. Tears were already in her eyes. Not one to let up, Melyssa slapped the freshman across the face, hard, several times. The latter only whimpered in response. She tried to lift her arms up to protect herself, only to have them swatted away.

By the time Melyssa had calmed down, she had beaten the shit out of Ginger, who sobbed quietly as the bruises appeared on her body. "I'm s-sorry... I'm sorry!" Ginger whimpered before Melyssa punched her again, causing her to go dizzy.

While this was going on, Melyssa's stomach growled louder. Her body hadn't forgotten about her hunger, and neither did she...
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