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Discord High School - Page 41 - Melyssa's Metabolism in Action - By Halcyon - Overview

Ginger involuntarily starts to sob as she settles into Melyssa's stomach, which wraps tightly around her and starts to squeeze. She had seen people's bloated bellies dozens of times from the outside since she entered Discord High School, but the only time she had ever seen what they looked like on the inside was when a bully in her homeroom swallowed a prey's cell phone and forced her to take pictures.

But now, this was the real thing. Ginger groaned with discomfort as Melyssa's stomach squeezed her. The hot flesh of the stomach walls slathered her with juices, undulating softly and rubbing her skin excessively as the whole organ gurgled and groaned.

Ginger was in hell. Like every other girl of her age and preyish stature, she had spent most of her life dreading the thought of being eaten. Now, however, her fears were realized. She had just been swallowed whole by her upperclassman, and she was now in her stomach. All things considered, she was food.


The stomach crushed her as Melyssa burped, letting the excess air out of her mouth before patting her belly happily. Seconds later, Ginger felt her delicate skin assaulted by jets of boiling hot acids. The enzymes burned her skin as they dripped down her body and pooled around her but. A chorus of wet gurgles accompanied her.

"Ooh, I can already feel my belly starting to digest you..." Melyssa commented as she pulled her regular clothes and strolled out of the locker room. "Hurry up and digest, bitch. I need you down in my intestines before practice starts so that I don't get a cramp.

Ginger choked on her own sobs as the swirling acids rose up over her head. She could already feel her body starting to come apart - she was done for.

As Ginger's body melted away inside of Melyssa's body, the pathetic prey found herself silently hoping that she gave her predator digestion. Of course, along with that thought, she knew it wouldn't happen. Rather, she was destined to fulfill her evolutionary duty; The parts of her that weren't disposed of or used up as energy would undoubtedly become a part of her stronger, sexier, and altogether superior body, forever.
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