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Discord High School - Page 42 - Volleyball Post-Vore - By Halcyon - Overview
After gulping down that cute little emo slut from gym whose name she didn't even know, Melyssa walked out of the locker room with purpose. The little bitch would certainly give her the energy she needed to get through the rest of the day as well as Volleyball practice - all she had to do was digest her.

Digestion came easy enough. Weak little freshmen like her usually didn't last very long inside of a senior's stomach, and the one she had for lunch was no exception. By the time she finished her next class, what was once a young girl was slurry churning around in her stomach. By the end of the class after that, that same slurry was sluicing through her bowels. By the end of the school day, Melyssa's body showed almost no sign of Ginger ever having existed... other than a bit of pudge on her tummy, and a little extra pudge on her assets.

Melyssa, who was a member of the varsity girls' volleyball team, grabbed a water bottle and headed to practice. Thanks to all of the energy and calories that her lunch gave her, she was able to give it her all.

By the end of the practice, Melyssa was exhausted and sweaty, panting with fatigue as she sat in the girls' locker room and sipped from her water bottle.

"Great hustle today, Mel!" One of her classmates waved to her.

"Yeah... same to you!" Melyssa waved back.

"Headed home now?"

"Yeah..." Melyssa replied. "Just need to use the toilet, and I'm out."

After recovering her breath, Melyssa walked into one of the toilet stalls into the back of the locker room. She sighed as she pulled down her shorts and planted her butt on the toilet. Sweat dripped from the bottom of her tanned thighs and into the bowl beneath her.

Melyssa sighed with relief as she let loose, spraying the inside of the toilet bowl with a shower of fresh urine. She would have completely forgotten about the girl she ate by lunch, if it weren't for the massive volume of poop that began to push its way out of her anus.

"Oh, shit..." Melyssa giggled as she sat up and began to push, feeling a massive weight drop out of her as she defecated. Ginger, who had been waiting patiently inside of Melyssa's colon during practice, now slid easily out of her ass and into the toilet beneath. Melyssa grunted and pushed out log after log, until there was nothing left.

The upperclassman sighed with relief. What was once a young freshman was now a pile of steaming shit in her toilet, freshly evacuated after a day's digestion. It was kind of fitting, Melyssa thought as she felt her anus twitch, that girls like Ginger ended up as the shit of girls like her.

After wiping, Melyssa stood up and flushed. The toilet, which was built to handle the female athletes' dumps, which often included other humans like Ginger, gurgled as it carried the whole mess away.

Then, Melyssa pulled her shorts back up, grabbed her belongings, and walked away.
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