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Feeling Flushed - Page 12 - Decisions, Decisions - By Lolwutname - Overview
Brianna smiles devilishly to herself.

As it happened, she had also seen the report about the powerful capabilities of EnE's toilets earlier that day. To her surprise, the image of the woman swirling away down the toilet had awakened a lust for the sense of total dominance over another that the scenario inspired. Afterward it was all she could think about, and she'd planned to bring someone back to her apartment the following day for a bit of pleasure and probing porcelain play.

Now that Iris had found herself captive in Brianna's toilet however, Brianna decides that there's no time like the present to begin her experimentation. She slowly saunters toward the toilet, hips swaying back and forth as she walks.

Iris watches, her eyes transfixed upon Brianna's striking figure. She blushes again, half out of embarrassment and half out of a sense of arousal from her current predicament. Brianna stops mere inches away from Iris and begins to speak.

"Oh my, it looks like you've really gotten yourself into a bind darling. Trapped in a toilet, completely helpless to stop me from doing anything I desire to you. What ever shall you do?"
Iris gulps audibly, a mixture of lust and fear filling her mind as she responds to Brianna, "W-Well you see, there was this report on the news about Experts in Everything's toilets. A girl got flushed right down the drain, and I just wanted to see if...,"
Brianna nods, smiling seductively at Iris, "Mhmm."
Iris continues, "...if it was actually, you know, possible. So after a bit of thought, I stepped into the bowl and..."
"And what hon?" asks Brianna, now taking on a flirtatious tone.
Iris gulps again, before collecting herself and finishing, "I flushed myself down the toilet! I ended up in a room with all kinds of pipes leading all over the city. Instead of just taking the pipe back to my own apartment, well I decided it might be fun to see what happened if I went to someone else's apartment instead! I never expected that I'd end up trapped at the other end, and I certainly didn't mean any harm by it. Can you please help me out of here?"

Brianna smiles again as she replies, "Well that's quite the story dear. Seems like it's your lucky day." Brianna's tone shifts to a slightly more sinister, yet still inviting, mode of speech. "I saw the very same report, and I'd be more than happy to help you out of your predicament."
Iris sighs in relief, "Thank you, you have no idea how much I..." Iris' eyes widen as she notices Brianna reaching for the flush handle, "Wait! I thought you said that you'd help me get out of here!"
"But I am helping you get out of here dearie." says Brianna, still smiling wide. "In fact, you might even call this a courtesy flush. Of course, considering that you're so BIG I might have to use a triple flush to get you all the way down. Now what should I do?" Brianna asks rhetorically, her finger lightly jiggling the handle of the toilet as she thinks.
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