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No right option - Page 1 - No right option - By Pounce - Overview
I don't remember my bed being so cold or hard you think to yourself as you open your eyes. But rather than your warm bed you find yourself in a cold dark room.

The room has three doors with electronic locks on them
The door to the left has a crack in it, just large enough for you to see that beyond the door is a cave system.
The door straight ahead of you has an warning light above it that seems to have burnt out years ago.
The door to your right has a shattered "Exit" sign above lying on the ground next to it, with a wire running to a sign mount above the door.

Wherever you are it seems like it must have been a decade since it's last use.

There is a panel in the center of the room. When you brush off the dirt, you see two two of three of the buttons still work, and a battery indicator showing just enough power to unlock one door.
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