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Kaiju Pon: Strange Monster - Page 1 - Kaiju Pon: Strange Monster - By Pochii - Overview
How to play?
What you will need!
-Piece of paper
-A set of dice
-Text Document
-Dice rolling program

You will record your adventure on your adventure sheet. Below is a the adventure sheet please, jot this sheet down onto a paper/print adventure sheet or copy and paste this information into a text document and save it each time after updating it.

Adventure Sheet
Character Stats

Brave Level: Novice




Special Items

This is your adventure sheet. Starting off you must first make a few choices in order to start your adventure. Starting with rolling your stamina and your skill. Your stamina is much like HP but it will also be drained during combat. If your stamina drops to 0 and an event happens that is affected by your stamina, you will loose the adventure.

Stamina is calculated by rolling a 20 sided dice and adding +20 to that number.

Skill is your ability to affect things. The higher your skill the better your character is at doing tasks. If your skill is low this means your character is clumsy and not so talented. A high skill is a character that is very heroic. Playing both roles can be rewarding and changes the flow of the story.

Skill is calculated by rolling a 20 sided dice.

Your Brave level increases throughout your adventure. Though when you are starting you will always start as a novice. As your Brave level increases so does your stamina and skill. You also gain more talents. What are talents? Talents are special abilities you have to access different parts of the story depending on the talents you have chosen. Below are a list of talents to choose from. After every level up you will be able to select another talent.

Animal Discernment: Care taking for the animals around the village has allowed you to learn the subtle ques of their language. You and animals have a certain understanding of each other.
Concealment: Years of playing hide and seek has made you very skilled at disappearing. You know how to hide and blend in with your surroundings.
Danger Sense: You can just feel it when something bad is about to happen. This does not always help you avoid it but it does let you know when it is about to happen.
First Aid: Most of your time has been spent taking care of those who have come down ill or been injured. With this experience you know a thing or two about curing wounds.
Knowledge Of Self: You spend a lot of time thinking about things. Because of this you know your own inner voice.
Strong Will: When you are hurt you have always worked through the pain. When a task was too much you chipped away at it no matter what.
Tracking: After spending a years hunting rabbits for Sperna, you gained a keen ability to track animals.
Weapon Master: Any time you had free time you spent it training to battle because of this you are skilled with most weapons.

Arms are whatever you are holding and wearing. These are the items that are not stored somewhere on your body and are ready for quick use. If in combat and you have a weapon in your possession but it is not one of your arms then you cannot use it. Remember to equip what items you think are best for the situation. This only applies to combat.

Gold is the total amount of money you have. When you start the game you have ten gold. Every time you spend gold you must deduct it from your total.

Meals are very important. At time in your adventure your character will need to eat and if you don't have a meal for them they will have negative effects. Make sure to record your meals properly.

Anything your character has on their person is considered an item. You can only hold up to eight items at a time. If you acquire more then eight items you must drop items until you have only eight.

Starting your adventure you get to choose one item from the three sets of items to start with...

Starting Item Choices
Weapon Choices
1. Sword
2. Spear
3. Axe

Clothing Choices
1. Casual Cloths/Shoes
2. Leather Armor/Leather Boots
3. Light Armor/Light Boots

Other Items
1. Three Meals
2. First Aid Kit
3. +10 Gold
4. Flash Light
5. Bow/+5 Arrows
6. Shield

Special Items
Special items are counted in a separate place and cannot be discarded. They do not count on your items list but are recorded in your special items list.

You are now ready for your adventure... good luck Brave!
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