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Darkest Dream - Page 1 - Darkest Dream - By SomeGuy1294 - Overview
Contains f/f, oral vore, digestion, unbirth, absorption, cleavage-vore, vampirism, fem-cum digestion, tentacle bondage and sex, same-size, semi-macro, seduction and ambiguously nonconsensual sex and domination (lesbian only).

I love hearing comments, positive or critical, so PM me or visit the forum thread to let me know what you think!

Forum Thread:

* * *

You find yourself standing on damp grass before a castle. The green and silver stones of the castle shine under the light of the full moon and cast an eerie light across the courtyard where you stand. The draw-bridge is down, and the windows are lit with torches. Behind you, an iron fence circles the courtyard, and beyond the fence stands the edge of a dense forest. Wind shakes the branches, dead leaves rattle and tree-trunks creak and moan…

But what scares you most, in this instant, is that you have no idea why you are here. You remember that you are Mona, a young woman shy by nature and raised to be modest, chaste and reserved. Despite your short stature, you were gifted with full hips and breasts. You usually concealed your figure with conservative clothing, but tonight, only a white night-gown, a pair of slippers and your undergarments shelter you against the night’s chill. You hug yourself, shiver and lower your eyes. Strands of your wavy, raven hair whip against the light brown skin of your face and shoulders as you strive to concentrate, strive to remember more. Beyond your name, a few of your habits and the features of your own body, you are a stranger to yourself, removed from your own identity.

You stand in the courtyard, utterly lost as to what your next move should be. Merely looking at the castle brings you dread, and the thought of actually going inside terrifies you, but would you really be any safer taking to the woods? When the agony of your indecision is almost unbearable, you hear a woman’s voice behind you.

“Hello, Mona.”

You turn. The woman behind you is uncannily thin, tall and pale. She appears to be wearing a dress of strange, metallic black fabric, but as she draws closer, you realize the truth. Her dress is actually a mass of slimy, living matter wrapped around her body in thin strands. At the edges of her skirt, the strands merge, forming an array of smooth, black tentacles. You gasp and draw back, and the woman smiles at your fear.

“Who are you?” you ask. “What’s going on here?”

“If you must call me a name, call me Melana. As for your business here… you are here to be dominated, seduced, and consumed. By the end of the night, your purity will be stolen and you will be devoured and absorbed by a monster. Probably me, if you don’t start running, but how long you resist your fate is entirely up to you.”

Melana moves towards you, not with any sense of urgency, but calmly, slowly, borne across the ground on her mass of tentacles, floating like a dark cloud. Her appendages snap and flail like snakes, ready to bind and ravage your tender, virgin body.

You stare, horrified. “T-this must be a nightmare.”

Melana chuckles. “Why play victim now, when it is your desire that has called me here? Whether or not your piety allows you to admit it, this is what you desire. Let me fulfill your dreams for you. Let me show you true pleasure.”

Melana draws closer and closer, still smirking, licking her lips and leering at your breasts and crotch. To your horror, the thought of letting this monstrous woman have her way with you is making you flushed… but you can’t let her take you! Your virginity is precious, not to be discarded to this vile beast, and whatever pleasure this woman might bring you would be short-lived after she made you her meal.

You must escape, but to where? The castle is probably filled with all sorts of horrible creatures and traps, and if you panic and flee, you could easily run head-long into your doom, or wind up in a dead-end where Melana will have you all to herself. You might be safer running into the woods and staying outside, where she can’t corner you, but that means trying to side-step past Melana and her tentacles. Either option is perilous, but if you do not make a decision and run now, your fate is sealed.
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