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SWTOR: A Buffet Of a Cantina - Page 2 - Ruz'tira'aten(Chiss Female) - By Rainbowdash5432 - Overview
You're a Chiss! One of the most mysterious races in the galaxy! You stand at 5 foot 7 inches tall, taller than the average woman. Your light blue skin is the envy of the crowd, and your glowing red eyes could capture anyone's gaze. Your black hair is shorter than most, with long bangs covering your right eye. Those arnt your most dominate features however, your large DD breasts alone could attract any man, or woman, to your bed, it doesn't help that they are packed tightly inside of a low cut dress aswell. Your dress is black and blue, the blue matching your skin, the dress fitting tightly on your curves, showing off your body for anyone to see.

You begin to look around the Cantina now, eyes going from face to face, looking for a potential target, to either bed, or devour.
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