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SWTOR: A Buffet Of a Cantina - Page 3 - Darth Kanta - By Rainbowdash5432 - Overview
You're a Human! A girl without the only thing that makes you a girl, you're a Futanari! You've got a larger cock and balls instead of your normal female parts! A sith belonging to the sith empire! A master of the dark side of the force! You stand at 5 foot 5, with smooth white skin. Your eyes are a bight green. And your hair is a dark shade of red, it balled up in a bun atop your head. You're wearing a set of dark robes, a hood over your head to match it.

You've come to the bar today to get yourself a drink, meet some people, and maybe even get yourself a yummy meal for the night. You decide that to do this, you should first go up to the bar and get yourself a drink.
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