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SWTOR: A Buffet Of a Cantina - Page 5 - Easy as any other target. - By Rainbowdash5432 - Overview
You decide that he looks as easy as any other target. You begin to walk over to him, making your way through the crowd, shoving your way through the dance floor, attracting a great many stares as you pass. You finally make it past the crowd, nothing between you and the man, you proceed to show off the goods, hoping to make this easier on yourself, pulling down your already low-cut dress to show off more cleavage, sultry swinging your large womanly hips from side to side. When you reach the table you stand there for a moment looking at the man, and you quickly notice that he missed the whole show, his eyes being buried in a data pad. You let out a small cough to get his attention, his head raises and sets his gaze on you.

You can now get a better look at him, from his neck to his toes nothing but high-grade black and red armor. From the neck up you can see his emotionless face, white skinned, dark green hair and the eyes to match it, him being quite cute if he wasn't hiding it behind his stare.

He speaks up, his voice stern and filled with authority, "Can I help you?"

You quickly think to yourself, not taking too long to respond as to draw extra attention to your arrival, you begin to speak, your own voice being much sweeter than the Mando's, your voice also having a slight flirty tone to it, "I just saw you all alone over here and wanted to come and give you some company, don't normally see your type all alone at the bar."

He looks at you for a moment, nodding slightly, "Aye, normally we drink as a clan, or in the privacy of our own home, I thought I would come out and smell the fresh air tonight, but it seems that it was the /best/ of ideas.." He finishes his sentence, his stone cold expression still not budging.

You quickly take a seat, leaning over the table, giving him a wonderful shot of your cleavage, you also put on a cute look of innocence. His eyes quickly linger down to your cleavage, his cheeks becoming flushed and him quick jerking his head away.

You speak slowly keeping your flirty tone, "Oh Mr. Mando man... I didn't come to ruin any nights.." Your words rolling off the tongue like honey, captivating his attention, "I came to make them very, /Very/ better.. What do you say about that?"

He quickly lets out a nervous cough, clearing his throat, you having broken through his rock hard exterior, "I... Erm... We can... We can get out of this place? Head to my apartment..?" He asks hesitantly, you thinks its adorable.

You stand up, holding your hand out for him to grab, letting out a small giggle, "Lead the way."
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