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SWTOR: A Buffet Of a Cantina - Page 6 - His appartment - By Rainbowdash5432 - Overview
You exit the Cantina with the Mandalorian, following behind him, just a few steps back, you walk as you normally do, hips swaying from side to side, yet he doesn't look back a single time. The two of you walk for only a couple minutes before you come to a taxi, getting in he enters the coordinates, you cant tell for sure, but from the bit of the coordinates you saw, he lives in the Red Light sector. The red light sector is a Cantina district, filled with prostitutes and organ harvesters. This district is famous for its nightlife, one moment you think you're about to have your way with a skimpily dressed Twi'lek you found on the street, next you wake up on the floor in the shower with half of the contents of your chest cavity missing. Fun memories as you recall, but you remember that you have your holdout blaster strapped to your thigh, just in case he is apart of one of these rings.

After some time of flying you eventually land outside of his home, he walks you up to the door, entering in the code you both walk in. As you enter the main room he quickly turns to face you, his cheeks seeming to still be slightly flushed from when you both last spoke. He fidgets around for a moment before finally speaking, his voice low and embarrassed almost.

"So... Um.. I've never.. Erm.." He reaches a hand behind his head, slowly rubbing his neck as he spoke up slightly, "I've never had sexual intercourse before.." He keeps his gaze set on the floor avoiding your eyes.

You giggle at his nervous tone, this only adding to his cute looks. You reach your hands up, placing them on his cheeks and pulling his head up, his eyes now looking into your own, "Don't you worry hot stuff, that's exactly how I like my men." You playfully bite at your lip, looking down over his armored form, "Plus you look ripe for the picking /Soldier/.." You can almost feel him squirming in front of you, you let out a slight giggle, and lean in close to him, standing up onto your toes as to place your lips right on his ear, "Go and get that pesky armor off.. And when you get back.. Your treat will be waiting.." You give his earlobe a light nibble as you pull your lips away from his ear.

He stares at you for a moment, not believing what he found at the Cantina, he then quickly nods at you, almost running to what you would imagine is his bed room.

You begin to take a little stroll around his apartment, 3 rooms it looks like.. A bed room, a kitchen and a living room. The living room walls are draped in all type of skulls and pelts, the table in the middle of the room looking to be made from a large animal's rib cage, the couches seeming to also be made from leathers of beasts the Mando had killed himself. You make your way to the kitchen, nothing too special about it, it is pretty small, only around 6 cupboards, a small fridge and an oven. You think about going into his bedroom to investigate, but decide against it, not wanting to spoil the mood.

After finishing your run of the apartment you decide to make your way back to the living room. You go ahead and sit down on one of the couches, its fur material sending a chilling sensation up your spine as your legs hit it, 'It feels divine..' you think to yourself. 'Maybe its Gundark fur.. Oh.. Or maybe Nexu fur.' you think to yourself once more. You start to look around the room once more, deciding to play a game with yourself, figure out what animal the skull belongs to.

You start to point from skull to skull, "Gizka.. Asharl Panther.. Acklay.. Gunda-.. Grugurgrpgurrghghghg" You quickly cover your stomach, knowing that it had administered the loud noise. It was at that moment you realized the other reason you had headed to the Cantina earlier that night, you were looking for dinner..

Now, you're faced with a difficult choice: Dine upon the Mando as soon as he comes out in nothing but his own skin, or, let him finally get what he has most obviously been dreaming of for ages, let him have you for the night, and then turn him into a post exercise meal..
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