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Fallout: Voracious - Page 197 - Swallow him. - By Creatorrr - Overview
First, you take his belt and the pipboy off and put it out of his reach. Then, you strip his upper body and grab his hands, pinning them together as you open your mouth wide. Taking a deep breath, you engulf them both. You take a moment to enjoy the familiar taste of human. Automatically you grab onto the sides of his chest and pull. Swiftly, you chance your grip while you feel his arms pass through your esophagus as you envelop his head. You lift your head as you swallow his hips, and now only his legs are left. As you swallow, you use one of your hands to continue to take off jumpsuit as they were designed to be too durable to digest effectively. A series of struggles make you notice that guard is now awake and his legs start wildly lashing around, letting you you know that he wasn't willing to be swallowed that easy, but his struggles only help you gulp his down faster. Taking off his boots, you swallow until his toes at last disappear behind your lips.

You slump against one of the walls as a steamy belch escapes from your lips. You feel your stomach walls close in around guard's lifeless body. You know that any moment someone could enter and find you, but a lethargic feeling start to creep inside you. You...
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