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A Date With a Vorno Star - Page 1 - A Date With a Vorno Star - By RedPredator - Overview
Before you stands one of the hottest Vorno stars around, Veza Aquila. She had been one of your favorite vorno stars for quite some time, so when you won a contest to spend a day with her, you couldn't help but sign up to win. A few days later, you got a letter in the mail, a letter explaining that you had won the date with her, but noted that you would have to star in her latest video. It all sounded great, save for the fact that the letter didn't mention what kind of video she would be doing with you...

Yet here she was, setting up the camera, completely nude save for a loose pair of sweatpants. Her orange skin, striped with black, shone in the light of the bedroom. It was roughly nine at night, and the sun had already set, leaving the dim light as the only thing illuminating you and the purple haired, large breasted tiger shark.

She turned to you, a grin on her face as she set up the third camera in a circle around the bed. No doubt she would edit the clips together later to get the best view of the action.

"So." She spoke up, walking towards you with a confident stride. "Watcha wanna do?~"
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