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Food Wars: Road to Glory - Page 1 - Food Wars: Road to Glory - By Layab547 - Overview
Welcome, one and all, to Food Wars: Road to Glory!
Now, for any of you wondering what the heck this is about, allow me to give a quick little tour before we get started.

"Food Wars" is an amazing anime where people eat food that makes their clothes fly off.

"Food Wars: Road to Glory," on the other hand, is an interactive vore story focused primarily on cooking!
Much like a Shoujin Manga, the plot of the story is as follows: You are an aspiring chef who enters a Food Wars tournament in their hometown, with the hope of moving on to the higher ranks and eventually proving themselves as the greatest chef in the entire world. But be careful, for if you lose a Food War, you become an Ingredient for your opponent.

Speaking of which: Ingredients are humans. That you cook. It’s a vore story, what more explanation do you want?

So, rules:
1. All types of vore are allowed, but they need to relate to cooking in some way… So, get creative!
2. “Campaign Mode” (listed below) is mine. Please do not add any chapters to that route.
3. On that note: Feel free to create Custom Campaigns, or add to the “Free Play” mode! (I’m a gaming nerd, in case you couldn’t tell)
4. If your upload sucks, I will edit it. If it sucks too badly to fix, I will delete it. (I’m an asshole, I know.)
5. Have fun!

So, with that all out of the way, please select a game mode!
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